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It all started with a man who had a passion for landscaping and a deep-rooted connection to his community. Mike Neal, a Savannah native, had always been drawn to the beauty of nature and the artistry of transforming outdoor spaces. Little did he know that his journey would lead him from the world of computers to the lush greenery of his own nursery.

Mike’s story began in the halls of Savannah Country Day School, where he spent his formative years before transferring to Windsor Forest High School. It was there that he discovered his love for soccer and his knack for leadership, culminating in a championship win and a title of Player of the Year for his region.

After high school, Mike set his sights on the University of Miami, where he embarked on a path to become a computer engineer. However, fate had other plans in store for him. One summer, while mowing lawns and installing shrubs commercially, Mike found himself captivated by the world of landscaping. From that moment on, he never looked back.

In 1999, Mike took the leap into the landscaping industry, starting with Environmental Life Plantings. Over the years, he honed his skills and expertise, eventually landing a pivotal role at DLG Land Management, where he helped grow the company to new heights as Vice President of Operations.

But Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit was calling, and in 2014, he opened his own business, Neal Landscape & Irrigation Co. The years that followed were filled with milestones, from marrying his beloved Brandi to welcoming their two sons, Keegan and Conor, into the world.

In 2018, Mike embarked on a new venture that would change the landscape of Savannah forever. Drawing on his extensive experience and knowledge, he opened Cobia Clarke Nursery, named in honor of the strong women in his family. Located on a sprawling 10-acre megasite in Savannah, the nursery quickly became a beacon of greenery and growth in the community.

At Cobia Clarke Nursery, Mike and his team specialize in growing their own shrubs and trees, utilizing native soil to ensure the health and vitality of their plants. From homeowners looking to enhance their yards to landscapers bidding on large-scale projects, the nursery caters to all levels of expertise and ambition.

Today, Cobia Clarke Nursery stands as a testament to Mike’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his community. With a deep respect for the land and a commitment to sustainability, Mike continues to cultivate beauty and inspiration in every corner of Savannah. And as the nursery flourishes and grows, so too does Mike’s legacy, rooted in love, family, and the timeless beauty of nature.