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Welcome to Cobia Clarke Nursery’s Ground Cover Inventory, your destination for top-quality ground cover plants and grasses meticulously grown to thrive in Savannah’s unique climate. Our extensive selection features a variety of ground cover options, from low-maintenance grasses to lush, spreading plants, perfect for adding texture, color, and functionality to your landscape.

What sets our ground cover apart is our dedication to using native soil in their cultivation process. By harnessing the natural richness and nutrients of Savannah’s native soil, we ensure that our ground cover plants and grasses receive the ideal growing conditions they need to establish and flourish. This commitment to sustainability not only enhances the health and resilience of our plants but also contributes to the preservation of our local ecosystem.

Whether you’re looking to reduce soil erosion, suppress weeds, or create a lush carpet of greenery, our Ground Cover Inventory has the perfect solution for your landscaping needs. From sun-loving varieties to shade-tolerant options, we offer a diverse range of ground cover plants and grasses to suit any outdoor space.

Conveniently located on Abercorn in Savannah’s southside near Georgetown, our nursery is easily accessible from Pooler, Richmond Hill, The Landings, Port Wentworth, Rincon, Hinesville, and beyond. Whether you’re a homeowner, landscaper, or gardening enthusiast, we invite you to explore our Ground Cover Inventory and experience the difference that our expertise and dedication to quality can make in your landscape.

Shop with confidence at Cobia Clarke Nursery and let us help you create a beautiful and sustainable outdoor environment. Browse our Ground Cover Inventory today and discover the perfect plants to enhance the beauty and functionality of your landscape!

This is not a live inventory. Please call to confirm availability and pricing at 912-800-5644
Grasses and Ground Cover


Beach Morning Glory, Ipomoea imperati* 1 G $13.99
Blue-eyed Grass, Sisrinchium angustifolium 1 G $6.99
Carex Everillo, C. oshimensis 1 G $9.99
Creeping Sage, Salvia misella* 1 G $13.99
Fakahatchee Grass, Eastern Gamagrass, Tripsacum dactyloides 1 G $9.99
Fakahatchee Grass, Eastern Gamagrass, Tripsacum dactyloides 3 G $18.99
Firecracker Grass, Red 1 G $8.99
Fountain Grass, Fireworks, Pennisetum setaceum 4” $9.99
Fountain Grass, Purple, Pennisetum setaceum 4” $9.99
Fountain Grass, Red, Pennisetum setaceum 3 G $21.99
Fountain Grass, White, Skyrocket, Pennisetum setaceum 4” $9.99
Frog Fruit, Phyla nodiflora* 1 G $8.99
Jasmine, Asiatic 1 G $6.99
Juniper, Blue Pacific 1 G $15.99
Juniper, Blue Pacific 3 G $32.99
Liriope, Big Blue, Liriope muscari 1 G $6.99
Liriope, Variegated 1 G $8.99
Liriope, Variegated 3 G $18.99
Love Grass, Purple, Eragrostis pectinacea 1 G $6.99
Mondo Grass, Black, Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘ ‘Nigrescens’ 1 G $12.99
Mondo Grass, Dwarf, Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Nanus’ Flat $34.99
Mondo Grass, Dwarf, Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Nanus’ 1 G $8.99
Mondo Grass, Standard 1 G $10.99
Muhly Grass, Pink, Muhlenbergia capillaris 1 G $6.99
Pampas Grass, Cortaderia selloana ‘Pumila’, Dwarf, Ivory Feathers 5 G $42.99(Monrovia)
Pampas Grass, Cortaderia selloana, White 3 G $24.99
Perennial Peanut, Archis glabrata* 1 G $8.99
Sea Oats Grass, Northern, Chasmanthium latifolium 1 G $8.99
Sea Purslane, Sesuvium portulacastrum* 1 G $6.99
Seashore Paspalum 4” $6.99
Sedum, Fuldagut 1 G $14.99
Sedum, Lime Green 1 G $14.99
Sunshine Mimosa, Mimosa strigillosa* (non-invasive native) 1 G $7.99
Switchgrass, Shenandoah, Panicum virgatum* 1 G $9.99
Yucca, Colorguard, Y. filamentosa 1 G $9.99
Yucca, Red, Hesperaloe parviflora 1 G $9.99
Yucca, Red, Hesperaloe parviflora 3 G $21.99